GSoC 2014 submission

Posted on March 18, 2014 by Fūzetsu

Again we have come to the time where Google Summer of Code rolls around. While I have already written up, posted up for public viewing and submitted my proposal for this year, I have totally forgotten to post it here for those of you who might not follow the mailing lists!

Firstly I’d like to remind you that the proposal deadline is March 21st, 19:00 UTC so if you still haven’t come up with anything and would like to participate, you should start to hurry. Come to #haskell-gsoc on Freenode if you’re looking for help or feedback.

Secondly, I’d like to hint at possibly a second proposal which would enable you to view documentation inside GHCi and could speed up Haddock dramatically. This is still in ‘just an idea’ stage and involves storing the documentation strings in the .hi files. Check ghc-devs mailing list if you’re interested in it, have comments, or perhaps want to be the one to do this as a project!

Having said all that, below is my proposal in full as I submitted it not that long ago. You can check haskell-cafe for a thread with discussion about this proposal.

Yi concurrency, usability and hackability